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17 July 2006 @ 02:24 pm
in my sudden desperate need for harry potter-ish-ness, rather than re-reading OotP and HBP again, i dug into my LOST FIC FILE OF WONDER and found these....

Top Ten Reasons I Read Harry Potter

10- the story of Harry's lightning scar repeated in every book
09- impressive magical creatures
08- spells i wish worked in real life
07- the many names of Tom Riddle/Voldemort/He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named...see?
06- the sirius dilemma
05- Fred and George Weasley
04- amazing plot twists that clearly no one could figure out let alone write
better themselves
03- the silky Severus Snape
02- angst, inuendo and slashy plot bunnies that probably aren't really there
01- Remus Lupin

White Boats Can't Beat Seaponies
rather fluffy

A self-assured Sirius stubbornly awaits his rescuer in the rain
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-may eventually be cross-posted to remusxsirius-

"We're going to drown."
"We are not going to drown."
"It's raining buckets into the boat! We're going to sink and be dragged to out deaths by the merpeople!"
"The merpeople won't drown us, Wormtail. They're cannibals, they'll eat us before anything else."
Peter Pettigrew went a sickly white. He looked pasty and melted in the pouring rain, and when the lightning flashed he appeared to be made of transluscent wax.
Sirius chuckled.
"How can you be so calm about this," the panicked Peter squealed, "we're going to die! And all because you wanted pictures of the fish and the girls sunbathing and whatnot!"
"Relax Wormtail," Sirius drawled, reclining in the pool of water at the bottom of the rowboat, "Prongs will come."
"Sirius, you and James had a fight, he is not going to come!"
"Just because I would rather make a career out of bludgeoning people over the head in Quidditch than work in a respectable office as a boring Auror is no reason for James not to sail out in a white boat and save the day. It's his nature."
"The school doesn't have any white boats."
"You're missing the point, Wormtail." Sirius sighed in exasperation while Peter tried to bail out the boat with his hands. "James will come out, worried out of hs mind that I might be hurt, and he'll apologize for getting sore at me and the whole argument will be over."
The arrogant young wizard shielded his eyes from the harsh downpour and gazed across the large lake at teh shore closest to the school. Lights flickered in several windows. It was mid-afternoon on a Saturday at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and it was only the slate sky and torrential rain that deterred most students from participating in any outdoor activities. Still, just as Sirius had anticipated, a lone boat launched from the shore and propelled magically towards them.
"Ah," Sirius smiled, "here comes our saviour now."
Just as the small rowboat was tossed over in the wild waves the second boat reached the pair of flailing students.
"What in hell were you thinking, Sirius?"
Sirius stared up wetly at the tight face of Remus J Lupin. The irritated boy hauled Peter into his boat then extended a hand to Sirius.
"Where's James?"
"He's inside, Sirius," the bedraggled Remus replied. "Ver batam, 'they're on the lake, how much trouble could they be in?'"
"He's got some nerve," Sirius snarled, struggling to climb into the boat, "thinking I couldn't cause mayhem with only a lake and a useless piece of driftwood at my disposal."
Remus only laughed. "You obviously had the same thought Padfoot, or you wouldn't be out here."
Sirius glared up at his friend, knuckles white from gripping the edge of the flouncing boat.
The wind had driven Remus' shoulder-length brown hair from its ponytail and it mingled with Sirius' black locks in an intricate rain-lashed dance as he pulled the stocky boy into the slowly dipping boat. "I knew you were too stubborn to come in yourself, assuming you even remembered the propeller spell, and that you would more than likely force Peter to sit here until you both caught pneumonia."
"Well it would serve James right, being the death of Peter and me. When I died then he'd be sorry."
Remus smiled wryly. He had known that was what Sirius would say. He also knew he would be visiting Sirius in the infirmary very soon.