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05 April 2006 @ 04:10 pm
Following of Course Reanis' Placement of This, Addicting As Hell  
Simple Surveys Stifle My Creativity
First names you'd prefer to haveElizabeth,
Ideal names for your unborn childrenEleanor Keely, William Murphy, Liam Thomas, Sylvia Louise
Unrealistic career goalWriter
Bad habit you just can't breakchewing my cuticles
Drinks and drugs of choiceVodka, Miller Genuine Draft, cigarettes, my Rx drugs, and at the moment vicodin
Television shows you watch religiouslyHouse MD, West Wing, A Bit of Fry and Laurie, Jeeves and Wooster, Family Guy
Personal herosEleanor Roosevelt, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Jane Addams, Louisa May Alcott
Your spirit animaldon't have one
Instrument you wish you were proficient atpiano
Outfit worn most oftenblue jeans and button up blouse with brown sandals
Bedtime snuggle toymy stuffed eeyore from Disneyland
Current pets(going oldest to youngest) K.T. (cat, 15), Cuddles (cocker spaniel, 10), Darcy (mommy's little angel, cat, 5), Atticus (cocker spaniel and mischief maker, almost 2)
Mad skillezgolfing, knitting, writing, singing, injuring self
What decorates your wallsrandom posters, pictures of my men, some family photos and bumper stickers with fun sayings
Obsessions you waste the most money onarts and crafts stuff, blank cds, clothes, seasons of House and West Wing
Favorite Marvel charactersSpiderman, Logan
All About Your Literacy
Authors whose works you seekSylvia Plath, Margaret Atwood, Jane Austen, Truman Capote, Louisa May Alcott, Charles Dickens
Genres you read most oftenromance, historical, biographical, historical romances
Books you read again and againPride and Prejudice, The Night Thoreau Spent In Jail, Little Women, The Bell Jar
Series you follow compulsivelyHarry Potter, Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants
Languages you studySpanish
Languages you wish you were fluent inPortuguese, French, German
Number of people you've performed a Vulcun mindmeld on0 currently

the landshark ate my baby and i am: highhigh
Currently Addicted To: Ooh Child-Beth Orton
gascyda897 on February 17th, 2013 05:50 am (UTC)
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