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19 December 2006 @ 12:00 am
Silent Bob speaks! -

Felt the need to update this little project which truly is dear to my heart. When so much goes on and so much goes wrong, we often forget how slowly the hours can move if only we make the days for them.

I find it simply repulsive to have been driven to insomnia over my worry regarding college and work. I have remained jobless for nearly a month now, having spent all of two weeks at Kohls before cracking under the pressure of retail. The fine break in my psyche, I dare say, is now a full-blown compound fracture. My neurosis has developed into psychosis...which I hope we will be studying in Psychology 101 come spring.

On that note, I have finally taken the intiative to call the necessary professors in order to iron out my transfer credits and my class capabilities, thereby straightening my schedule. I was closed out of only one class -Race, Class, Gender. Rather insignificant when one recognizes I was granted Population Bio & Evolution (and lab), American Popular Culture, Intro to Psychology, and Yoga. Yes, it's only a 13-credit course load. Measley compared to those I took at Sweet Briar. But no worries, I'll get myself off the ground and into the game...and hopefully back into the water come March. I've arranged to stalk the diving instructor -as I am much more humorous in person- and hope to arrive at an arrangement which involves me brushing up on my bubble blowing and scuba-ing my way to certification.
I really miss being in the water. I wonder where we'll go for our open water dive. I've been in Lake Erie in the spring, and I question if I could hold out against its ~50 degree chill again. I'm a tropical breed of snorkler. All my Russian blood boiled up in the Bahamas.

Orientation for transfer students is being held on Friday 12 January, with classes starting the 13th. Fortunately I have no Saturday class. I also managed to wheedle out of a Thursday class, giving my socially-deprived form a rest during the oppressiveness of student work. Is there a scientific tag for feeling claustrophobic around other people? Perhaps I shall investigate that before attempting to sleep tonight.

Signing out, this is Reanis
Admiral of the mentally depraved

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